Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Holiday Card designs right in Naperville! Check them out!


I so excited to share some of our new Holiday Card Designs with you!

We went all the way to France this year to be able to offer a true vintage look!

Lots of card stock choices including heavy linen and white, green, shimmer and white envelopes, and FREE round cut corners! FREE printing of BW images or text on the back of your card! Can you tell I am sooo excited about these? All the exclamation marks-right! Anyway seriously, before you buy this year, check them out. Thanks!


"S" Family Children-Sneak peek! Urban Naperville!


Ok, Adorable or what?! Half way through our session, someone asked if they were models... Wondering why? Take a peek. The kids were so fun and too photogenic!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak Peek of "J"!


What a great kid! "J" did everything I asked...and had fun with it too! We had a blast hanging out in downtown Naperville and getting some shots of him with the guitar! I am looking forward to doing their urban family session soon...cannot wait! FB images are being edited next...will post these soon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"T" Family sneak peek!


What a beautiful day! I photographed my friend's family...A bit more sun that I like, but we definitely made it work! The kids were fantastic, really Mom and Dad...I see it all! Loved the magic tricks from "M"...Thanks for having me photograph your family! You ended up with quite a selection!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"L" Family Sneak Peek!


So much fun yesterday with my friends the "L" family! We literally had to find shade...too much sun, and no where to hide! The leaves are coming down much faster than last week! The was a great session, great posing ideas from Mom....Thanks for letting me photograph your family! Here are my favorites...I always put up too many, so why not!

Sneak Peek, "D" Family!


What a great group to photograph! Very nice and cooperative...had a fun time with the little guy, he was all smiles! The rain held off literally until our last shot. We discovered that I went to the same grade school and high school as the boys! What a small world. Thanks for spending time with me! Take a look at the great results.