Friday, October 28, 2011

Sneak Peek of Neuqua Valley Senior "S" Class of 2012!

I think I actualy told Ms. "S" at the start of our session that she had "nice contrast"...ok, Ill are beautiful! Loved how bright all your images came out, and all the different looks we captured! Thank you for working so long, and trying some cool things when we got that great low light toward the end. I really enjoyed chatting with you and hearing about college and track. 

Sneak Peek of "W" family!

| 0 comments what the alien said! This was the smile maker from start to finish! Mr. "O" liked Aliens last year too although I did not have the whooo noise down then, so much to learn! Mr. "W" was sooo good this year, love those blue eyes and his big smile...The "W" family does pictures every year, and boy do their boys know what to do when it is picture time! Mom I know we got a bit tired at the end, but well worth all the effort! Loved the outfits this year, tell Dad great job with that! I am ecited to edit yyour gallery and will call when it is up. Please enjoy your sneak peek!

Sneak Peek of "L" Family!


Seeing the "L" family is always so fun! Baby "C' is walking..."no" running all over! Big brother "R" seems so much older than he is...loved the black hat. Tiny "G" is so sweet and did so great -I would love to see the cheerleader halloween costume! With 3 little ones, we certainly had to "run" around alot, and really worked to get the family shot for Mom and Dad...I have to say it paid off, and I think we got several that are great! I will email you when the gallery is up! Thank you again for a fun session.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sneak Peek of "B" Family!


Oh, to be 3 again....Big brother "E" kept us on the run this time around! I always forget how much energy 3 year old boys have! Baby brother "E" was so sweet, and is smiling in so many Mom and Dad you will crack up...when no one else is looking in some, he is all smiles! After chasing "E"  Mom decided to catch him, and tickle which worked perfect...Dad jumped in and  I think we did really get the "Money" shot! Getting a fantastic family not easy  to do with the boys thank you both for working through our session...we really got some awesome I hope"E" finally got his sprinkle ice cream! I really LOVE the one of the boys together. I have enjoyed getting to know your family this past year, and  look forward to watching the boys grow.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 Holiday Cards coming next week!

Happy Holidays, Cheer, Merry Christmas...OMG it is almost here! New cards are coming out next week, so please be sure to take a peek. For all my clients wondering where to go,
the cards can be found at or on my site at then enter shop. There are 6 pages of designs already showing, under Holiday so take a look before it starts snowing...

OK, 1:30am rhymes are not my best LOL and have a great night!


Sneak Peek of the "A" family!


Did I already mention how wonderfully "easy" your family was? Yes, I have to tell you again, give a huge thanks to the girls for those easy smiles! I really enjoyed our time together, and loved that we ventured across those rocks. A huge thanks to Mr. "A" for helping me "balance" while crossing...I am working, working, working hard this time of the year to get all the edits finished, so within a few days I will have your grid of images up! This one was a favorite! Please enjoy your sneak peek!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sneak Peek of "S" Family!


What a windy, windy, WINDY day we had! We did fabulous shooting between the 40mph gusts, and really worked to get the "money" shot I know Mom wanted! I got so many great shots of family and kids, I think Mom and Dad will be super excited! This is a teaser of what we got...Ill post a full grid of images soon! Please enjoy your sneak peek, and tell Dad that I am still cracking up at his smile technique---LAUGH!!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sneak Peek of "H" Family!


Chaka and Roar were our 2 favorite words when working with baby "C"! So loved the lion costume, and could not have had a better setting! Both locations had a couple great spots where the 40mph wind gusts were less noticable, and baby "C" did not seem to mind at all. Mom, I think the money shot is him standing by the tree for "ALL" those cute ones in the halloween costume! Thank you again for venturing out, adn for a great session. I will let you kow when the galleyr posts!

Sneak Peek of "W" Family!


We had the best evening to head in to Downtown Naperville for our family session! Mom did a great job coordinating outfits...AND flying Dad in for our session! Thank you for working hard to get everyone together, I know how hard that can be! I am so happy we captured Mr. "S" natural smile in so many of the family poses...and loved how sassy Ms. "O" could be! Enjoy your sneak peek! As soon as your gallery is ready I will give you a call!

Sneak Peek of Neuqua Valley Senior "M"!


WOW. Naperville sure does grow these girls pretty! "M" you have so many great pictures, I could not decide what to post! I really had alot of fun working with you, and am sooo glad "we" got the Meghan smile! Thank your Mom for being so great too, and for hanging close by for the session. I am so glad that we headed  over to that red building, it created such a cool and different look, I guess you were right...I think you said "creativity is never a "bad" thing!  I will tell all my clients that now when I start dragging them off the beaten path toward cool light, or a run down building! Enjoy your sneak peek and feel free to share these images!

Sneak Peek of "L" kids!


5,8,11 and 12! I so enjoy each year photographing my friend's kiddos...Each one is so very different. Ms. "S" is always such a great"poser" and give me so many great looks! She was a huge help with getting some smiles from Big brother "R". Ms. "A" is so turning in to a little Lady, I loved the softer look and flowers this year! Little "D" was a total ham, I think when it was his turn, he was already posing and waiting for me to take his too! We crawled into a favorite area of mine at the end and got some interresting looks...thanks to little "D" for being able to look way up for a couple! Thank you again for a GREAT time. Tell the kids that they rocked our session!

Sneak Peek of "E" family!

It was so great to spend more time with your family....after a shy Mr. "A" at the family session last Spring, I was pleasantly surprised that we had easy smiles and so much cooperation! Little "M" was so sweet, happy birthday too! I think you have a fantastic selection for your home, and loved the outfits.This is a small groupong of what we got...I will let you know when the gallery is up!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sneak Peek of "L" kids!


So great to photograph the "L" family again. These 3 have to be the most photogenic and easy to work with that I have had all season. Thank you so much "R" and "C" for being so cooperative...and for deciding that outdoor urban is pretty cool! LOVE how you guys got little MS. "M" to walk around the alley way and look back, so cute. Seriously could have a tiny model on your hands, call me when you want head shots. LOVE her outfit and those blue enhancing here at all. Cant wait to help you with your cards and get together soon. Have the "Grinch" stop by on halloween I would love to see her!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sneak Peek of Neuqua Valley Senior "H"!


Rain and wind go away! and they did, so after fighting with Mother Nature last week at our session, Ms. "H" and I decided to do a quick mini session to get that third outfit in, and some straight hair! We rocked it again, and got so many "GREAT" pictures are goin gto have a hard time choosing! I will let you know when the rest of the images are up!

Sneak Peek of Baby "L"!


One year olds are such fun! Walking, running, climbing and yet still so tiny!

Little Ms. "L" kept us on our toes, and running around for sure. We thought the balloons

would really slow her down, but off she went! The suitcase and tea set were a hit, as well as my "prop" wagon, that is not so proppy looking! My singning -was definitely NOT. Not sure If I have ever mentioned that it resembles a sick cow, but you get the picture! My IPOD is a much better choice! I think we captured one cute family shot at the end, Ms. "L' was getting tired and started sitting with her back to us as if to say...not sure whay you are still here, but please go away! It was sooo funny. Enjoy your sneak peek, I will let you know when the gallery posts!

Sneak Peek of Neuqua Valley Senior "E"!


No worries about smiles here! Mr. 'E" was super cooperative and so nice to converse with! Neuqua is really truning out some fantastic level headed stydents! I have gotten to meet quite a few graduating Seniors this Fall and am always so impressed with their ambition! Best of luck with college and thank you for a great evening! I will email or call as soon as your gallery is ready.

Sneak Peek of "M" kids!


I love new clients who "know" what they want! Mrs. "M" had a vision of an old fashioned tea party, and ventured out to find the perfect mix of items to use complete with cupcakes and antique plates, and a small table! The outfits were too sweet, loved the bow tie and hat on little "Bear". Ms. "Q" took a bit to warm up, but we got some seriously cute shots...I love the candid nature of this session and hope you do too. There were far too may to post, and yes many messy cake shots too! I will let you know when the gallery is ready!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Senior Model William...Joliet Township West Class of 2012


This is a quick peek of my new Senior Model William! Watch for his full post next week.
We had the best time in downtown Naperville, and found some new cool places to hang out. LOVE the green dress shirt, and all of the candid looks we captured.

I have to say that I have never photographed anyone more at ease in front of the camera before, and had such a great time with the creativity of our session...Watch for a full post and video next week, these pictures will blow you away.

Sneak Peek of "C" Family!


Beautiful day, 4 kids, 6 smiles! Ok, realistically, when you shoot a family of 6, you expect metdowns, chaos and are pretty happy to get anything resembling 4 happy faces on the little ones...not the case here! We had a bit of a rocky start with a last minute location change, that worked out fantastic. I really could not believe how well all 4 of my friends children listened, and smiled too! I am sure both Mom and Dad thought it was a stressfull session for me, but seriously, it went really great and you have sooo many to pick from. Your children are beautiful, and I loved when they sang on the log. Please enjoy your sneak peek and tell the kiddos hello!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sneak Peek of "C" Kids!


Having clients come back year after year is one of the greatest joys of what I do.

I so love seeing the kids, and the parents are like old friends! Of course I got to meet Mr. "C" for the very first time, and I am so sure he thought I was crazy...from telling jokes, to singing and laying in the grass, the secret is out now as to how we got beautiful pictures of his daughter and son in the past! We had so much fun with the water and acorns, little "C" really opened up this time, loved the hat! Big sister was too cute, and looks like a little model. I think my favorite part of her outfit was those ruffles peeking out of the skirt! I got to meet her american girl doll Ms. "N", who smiled perfectly! Cant wait to help you design a holiday card! Thank you again.