Friday, February 28, 2014

Sneak peek of Baby "E" and big sister "I"!

I haven't seen baby E since he was a newborn bundle! Wow has he grown and what a cute personality! I love the red hair and blue eyes. This is my first official 2014 session and it was great to get behind my lens. We started with E and a vintage hat and bow tie...I don't think we had to work too hard as E was all smiles and so easy to engage. Big sister however had her own ideas about taking pics, much like most 2 year olds I photograph, and we could not quite get her to stay on the backdrop with E. Grandma was working hard with us too, and I so appreciated the help! I was quick to snap a few photo journalistic shots of her, and really love the look. Mom I hope you are as pleased with these as I am. I know we wanted them together, and I think it will come...hopefully outdoors this summer or fall:) I am posting a  sneak peek for you here and will email the gallery release early next week!