Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sneak peek of Graduating Senior Ms. "A"! Class of 2016

Ms. "A" and I chose urban naperville for her senior pictures. "A" is a dancer and is thinking about possibley getting into media! I loved her outgoing personality and really felt like we worked together during her session. From urban to the river walk, we captured a ton of different looks! Here are some of my favorites.

Sneak Peek of the "M Family and newborn baby "e"!

The flowers in the woods were the perfect setting to work with for our family session...With a newborn, and two siblings aged 2 and 5 I wanted to be sure things were just right! My assistant Michelle was amazing from holding reflectors to chatting with the big brother and sister so I could work with mom and the baby, I do not know how I would have done it without her! Big hugs Michelle for all your help! These kiddos were so sweet and so cooperative, any time baby "E" cried they would lean in to kiss her and comfort her, barely a peep the whole session. Mom wanted a more candid session and we had so much fun just being together... These are some of my favorite images...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sneak peek of baby "A" as she turns 1!

I've been photographing Ms. "A" since she was a tiny newborn! The early Spring weather can be so unpredictable...we went back and forth with dates for a bit, and finally got a day warm enough to give us the summer look we had in mind! Ms. "A" was so fun and adorable...I think we actually wore her out before changing to the pick tutu to eat some cake! Thanks again Mom for working with me on dates and for having me capture these images for you!