Monday, November 24, 2014

Sneak Peek of the "W" family!

Everything was going perfectly for the "W" family until little "I" fell asleep on the way to our session...she was not quite ready to wake up and smile for us. After a walk with Dad, while we took baby brother "E"'s pictures, she cam back and we had a great time! I love the family shot, and the candid one of the kids...I cannot believe the "E" is now running around with "I"...seems like yesterday he was a tiny bundle. I love watching your family grow and the kids being so close. "I" promised not to get upset next time and have a red nose- was so sweet....enjoy the sneak peek and gallery!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Time for me to stop editing and start placing orders:) This is the time of the year that I most empathize with the retailers out there as we process, ship & deliver through the month of December:) Its that time of the year! 

If you would like to place an order please email me at please state "card order" in the subject line...or call me at 630-240-9444

Photo Gifts:

  •  metal die cut ornaments are $25
  • bevel table top pictures start at $25
  • Mini Accordion pocket albums start at $40...must purchase in sets of 3
  • coffee mugs with pictures- $25

1. Minted! I have partnered with Minted and can offer a 30% off coupon with a shipping and addressing discount to my clients...its easy- email which image(s) your considering for cards and I will load them for you- NO purchase required - you  will receive an email when your account is set up and can then login and view their card styles! This is what my Minted home page will look like:) Photo credit to the "H" family!!!! ....if you need access to your images- I will open galleries that have expired so you can  choose pictures.


2. custom design is available as always...
special is $1.25 per card in sets of 50. Linen, Matte or shimmer card stock....die cut shapes are available also...includes design, envelopes and using multiple images & design on the back side. I don't want to spoil and holiday surprises sooo these are past cards I have designed:)

3.For $25 you may purchase an image for your cards. Email me 
at or call me at 630-240-9444

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sneak peek of the "W" family!

Tis the season to edit! I have been non stop editing to make sure all my later fall clients have their images:) Thank you for being so patient as I work through each one...I love what we captured, and the fall look that day. Your son is adorable and was soo great the whole time! Cant wait to meet!

Sneak peek of the "M" family!

One of my later sessions of the year!We got lucky and had really nice weather! Mom did great with dressing the kids warm and sooo coordinated. It was little "T"s birthday, so we sang happy birthday on the bridge. Candids were the favorite, so our session was very relaxed and everyone had a great time. These are a few of my favs.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sneak peek of the "C" kids!

This is one quick post! Had to share...will add more tonight! Love these kiddos.
Im back:) The "C" kids have been taking pictures with me for more than 3 years now, and are always one of my favorite sessions! I love catching up with Mom and seeing how the kids are getting sooo big. We went to one of my favorite places, and had really great luck with the weather. Mr. "G" had us working from the start but then warmed up when we did some "fun" shots...I think the photo bombing was his favorite! I love the candid nature of these and hope you do too!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sneak peek of the "J" Girls!

This was my first time photographing the "J" girls! My daughter has danced with them for years and they are beautiful to watch! I was thrilled that Mom asked me to take their fall pictures. We had a beautiful day. it took some coaxing to get little "H" to join her sister on the rocks, but was well worth it as she gave us this amazing smile- I soo love this shot. "S" had a really neat headband from her friend, so we took some by the water, "S" you look beautiful. I love the setting with your Boho Chic look. Ms. "L" was perfect at posing and had the best natural smile...thank you for being so fun! I lost track of how many we took of each, but I know you were keeping track:) Here are a few of my favs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sneak peek of the "H" family! Urban Naperville

The session made me smile the whole time I edited it! Ms. "L" and Ms. "A" were two peas in a pod for our sessson! You can see how much they love each other in the hugs, their looks are too precious for words. From jumping togehter, hugging, eating suckers, we did not have a dull moment, and hardly any breaks for little  sister who is just 2!  I had way too many I wanted to share, so enjoy these...I am sure come winter when things slow down I will have some fun posting more! It made my day when "L" invited me to lunch too!