Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sneak Peek of "L" Kids!


Four beautiful kids, 4 great urban outfits, my good friend who has been so supportive of my
photography...your children are all so wonderful and unique, from little "D" running in and out of the frames, to Sassy "S" posing like a full time model, our sessions are always so fun for me. I know just watching probably exhausts you...but the results are well worth it...Ms. "A" looks incredible and Mr. "R" is getting too handsome! I cannot wait to help you decide where and which images to hang!

Sneak Peek of "C" Kids!


This family was so nice and easy to work with! the children we adorable, and a bit shy at first. I LOVE so many from this session, it will be hard for you to choose! The ones on the steps really show how close they are, just too sweet. I am happy to know someone else with a Kindergartner for next Fall! Enjoy your sneak peek and thank you again for a wonderful morning!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sneak Peek of "H" Family!


WOW is all I can say...perfect lighting, perfect location, and the most beautiful family. Seriously though, I hardly had to edit any of these! The entire family was so happy and cooperative, I am changing my mind about families being "harder" to do! Must I say, I have never seen two more beautiful daughters. I think they must have thought I was loopy as I could not get over how well they photographed! I know you are both in college with career paths, but keep modeling in the back of your mind as you could most definitely do that too! I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Mom about the boys, school and activities (my own are the same age)...she was so sweet and down to earth, I hope our paths cross in the future. Enjoy your sneak peek, your galery will post very soon.

Sneak Peek of Baby "C"!


This baby girl looks so much like a true baby doll, from her blue eyes and creamy skin to her cute smile...actually made me sad for a minute that those days are over for me! Grandma was a huge help with getting her to laugh and setting her up. Tried to get a few Sox poses but she got too tired out. No worries here, I have some great ideas to get those shots for you! I have truly enjoyed knowing your family for the past 12 years and watching all the changes...thank you so much for letting me capture these memories for you!