Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sneak Peek of "P" Family Urban Naperville!

Three beautiful girls and one beautiful Mom. When Ms. "P" called me to take her pictures, I knew that it would be a WOW session. WOW...we had so much fun with the urban setting. The girls were so cooperative and great fun to work with! Ms. "S" is getting so grown up, and Ms. "C" had so much character and sass...Little "L" was too sweet in her braids and was awesome the entire time. I think we had the most fun staging some shots with Mom leaning on a wall, and the girls in the background...I used some really fun effects on these...The girls climbed up on some stairs and we got amazing shots there too! Mom you may have to create a wall just to display all the different looks we have! I have lots more to go through, and cant wait to show them all to you. Hopefully one of yours will work for that head shot! Ill let you know when the gallery is posted. Sorry for such a L-O-N-G S-N-E-A-K P-E-E-K.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sneak peek of "L" turning 2!

I met baby "L" when she turned one...last year and  boy how she has grown up! She did not have alot of hair last time, I'm pretty sure not enough to keep a bow in:) Now she has a full head of hair! I cant say she is running around more though as even at 1 Ms. "L" was really fast and on the move our entire session! We had a ton of fun at the park this time, and really just played the whole session. I so miss my own kids talking in that cute 2 year old way:) Aside from dropping a peal necklace through the bridge down to the water or almost the water...lucky dad only had to get one shoe wet! We had no crying, or incidents to speak of! For a 2 year session, that is GREAT. I think the hit was the ceramic tea set, and "L" putting the pearls inside. Each time she did she got a huge grin and jumped up and down or curled her toes and laughed really big. Ms. "L" has a baby brother or sister on the way...cant wait for next year. Thank you again for having me capture these memories.


Sneak Peek of "V" family!

Mr and Mrs. "V" are expecting their first baby in the next 2-3 weeks! They were so cute together, I loved the playful connection they had. "T" wanted simple nice shots, we bared the belly a few times...:)The ones with the pumpkin you had are hilarious! I am excited to know what you end up having and how everything goes. It was so fun hanging with you both, thank you again for having me capture some memories of this special time.

Sneak Peek of "R" Family!

The "R" family is dear to me...I have photographed little Ms. "S" several times, and she is so sweet, and always in the cutest Matilda Jane outfit! We started with the settee, and lots of family shots. Dad doesn't get out for our sessions most of the time, so we made sure to get lots of pictures of him with Ms. "S" and lots of the whole family. I have to say, little "S" was super cooperative, even asking to pose and sit by herself...a couple of months ago, she was not as much in the mood, I found out later from Mom that she said she was saving her "smiles" for dance photos later that night!:) Please enjoy your sneak peek. I think we have just the right mix of pictures now and am looking forward to working with you on the "wall"!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sneak Peek of Sweet 16 Ms. "A"!

Ms. "A"' was so sweet and easy to photograph! Mom wanted a few shots of her at 16...there is a family tradition of having pictures taken at age 10, but Ms. "A" decided to wait and do them this year! I so loved her hat, boots and urban look! I think we got more than a "few" great shots. I hope to photograph Ms. "A" again when she is a Senior! Thank you so much for having me capture these, and for helping clear the background of the many impromptu shots! I will load the gallery soon!


Sneak Peek of Senior class of 2013 Neuqua Valley "H"!

Senior "H" has a background in Theater, and was super comfortable in front of the camera! We started our session very quickly as a cool train came by that I just had to photograph her by!  For some reason I am always getting the Meta trains going past when I have my sessions and no offense to Metra, those commuter trains just are not fun to take pictures of! Its probably my soft spot for true urban scenerio's, or that Metra trains just remind me of work and movie chase scenes, but, it was well worth it and "H" jumped right in and did awesome. After finishing up at our first location we took some softer pictures at the barn...Ms. H is going to be awesome in the  Snow White production at Neuqua Valley and I am so excited to take my daughter to see her! "H" thank you again for a great session, and for having such a perfect "serious look"! Enjoy your sneak peek and I'll email you when I post the gallery.