Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sneak Peek of "E" family, Downtown Naperville

I posted Ms. "H" back in the fall as she celebrated her senior year. Mom and Dad decided to do a family session with big brother "E", I think it has been quite a few years since their last photo together. I have photographed so many small children and siblings this Spring, that photographing the "E" family was like a "mini-vacation":) Perfectly coordinated, everyone happy with  nice natural smiles! I guess sometimes work can be "easy"! I loved seeing how well "H" & "E" get along....this whole family has such a nice bond and is so laid back. We were right when we decided to finish up our session, we definitely got the shot. Mom thanks again for coordinating everyone so well and a fantastic session.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sneak peek of "M" Kids, downtown Naperville


It all came together so perfectly, I couldn't wait to get home and look at this session. I LOVE trying new things and working with my good friend was awesome! From the outfits to the setting, we had a blast. Work? Sure did not feel like it this morning! I have photographed Ms. "P" and Mr."D" several times now, and we have come so far from our first shy session. This image was literally burning a hole in my pocket if you know what I mean, so I am posting it now...more to come early next week as I work through-I hope you LOVE this as much as I do!

Sneak Peek of "M" kids!


2 year olds, are hard to photograph....really hard to photograph! Two year old TWINS and a 5 year old brother...hmmmm. Mom said they would not be easy...a shy sister, and active twin brother. I was prepared to try anything and everything to get some great shots. When I met the "M" family, I can tell you the children were dressed so cute and were BEAUTIFUL! I had high hopes...after some coaxing Ms. "V" away from Dad (thank for taking those laps around the barn :), a game of ring a round the rosy and a basket of apples ended up doing the trick! Of course we had a tough crowd, and Mom and Dad actually did have to fall down to get some grins! Thank you so much for working so hard with me. Hearing from you that our session was the best you'd ever had was great to hear. I am very happy with the end result and what we captured. I am so glad they liked the apples too! Have a great trip and I look forward to meeting in the early Fall. When the gallery is ready I will email you!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sneak Peek of Senior class of 2012 "W"!

"W" is so much for to photograph, its like a celebrity who just talks and converses, totally oblivious to the camera:) Having photographed "W" before, I think we got it together and had a really great session. "W" wanted nothing to do with his "HAT" from graduation, but I knew Mom wanted a few. We found a perfect spot next to a bridge at the end, so I had Mr. "W" sit on this brick wall. While he was up there and couldn't walk away, we plopped the hat on for a few shots...I think these are my favs from the session! Thank you again for a great time, It was really nice to finally meet Mr. S, and seeing Mrs. S is always like seeing family.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sneak Peek of "D"Kids!


My good friend decided to try an outdoor session...she normally does her pictures in studio. I am so glad she gave it a you can see, her children are beautiful! I got so much cooperation, it was awesome! Be sure to tell them they rocked the session! Little "S" with his crinkle nose was too cute, and Big brother "V" was a trooper with the big boy poses. Miss "I" is amazing, I did not even post the twirling shots as this will have to be a whole separate post-there are that many:)! I am looking forward to helping you create your photo wall and to posting your entire session soon! I promised a HUGE sneak peek for you to share, so I hope this is perfect!