Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sneak Peek of "S" family


This family was so wonderful and easy to work with! You could see how close the sisters were and how much fun they have together. We had a lovely day for pictures, I was really glad we chose Cantigny park. Mrs. "S" was hoping for a large image for over the fireplace...I think you will have several great choices! Thank you again for the opportunity to photograph your wonderful family!

Senior class of 2011 Model "Jacob"!


Our 2011 modeling sessions are off to a fabulous start! I had the pleasure of working with Jacob this past week, who was so wonderful and so tall! I am still taking on 2 more class of 2011 boys, and 3 more girls! If you know anyone interested, this is a great opportunity to get fabulous pictures and many discounts! Modeling sessions are FREE! Jacob, thank you sooo much, you totally Rocked your session!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sneak Peek of "K" Kids!


I had such fun photographing these kids! each one had such a unique and different personality...from fun and cute to shy and easy going! I think we captured all three ...Mom and Dad were a huge help, other than my stepping in a pile of "p--p" half way through, we did great! Thank goodness for the on site water pump. ..I also found out that my parasol works great as an umbrella, as it drizzled the last 20 minutes! I know you guys were leery of keeping on the rain boots during the shots with all 3...I absolutely love the look with this setting and hope you do too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sneak Peek of Miss "M"!


"M" was so amazing and easy to photograph, I could only hope for another session like this. She was truly so patient and cooperative. We tried some new flash techniques (yikes! you all know how much I "LOVE" flash) ha- and new poses you can see, she did not take a bad picture! Mom was a trooper, even running to get mosquito spray before we got eaten alive! Not a mistake I will make again! Please thank "M" for me, and tell her how happy I am with her shots. Seriously though, modeling may be in her future...just be sure to call me for those head shots!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My kids session!


Ok, my kids, new location, not too hot...could not have had a better day! I vowed to go and buy cute outfits and actually set them up like a normal session...ended up throwing some outfits together and begging for 30 minutes between play dates! I am still not sure if they smiled so well just to get it over with for the Baskin Robbins promised after, or if we are seriously over the I will not smile for Mom stage, but either way, I am so happy with how these turned out! Take a peek!